Academic Achievement

Introduction to Web Design

Course Information:
Introduction to Web Design (Syllabus), TLC 311, Spring 2004

Faculty Information:
Bill Wolff, Assistant Instructor of Science, Technology and Society

In this course I learned how to design Web pages, starting with HTML coding and building to more complex layouts, using cascading style sheets and intricate graphic designs. But it wasn't just a course in coding and graphic design. We had to think critically about the important issue of the day: designing aesthetically intricate, usable, and accessible pages according to Web Standards.

Critical Reflection
I came into this course wanting to learn how to make a simple website. I felt it would be a great tool as a social worker to be a little bit more technology savvy. I had the creative aspect but not very knowledgeable in web design. I came out with the ability to make a great website; I also came out as a stronger Social Worker.

In Social Work we are taught to ask the hard questions. How does this oppress a population? How can we help end the oppression? How can we give everyone the same education? In my case, I was curious who could and couldn't access the internet. In a world where technology is constantly growing, how does everyone stay on the same playing field? I started to wonder how blind people access the internet. How can they get the same information I can get?

We did an assignment called "two days without a mouse." For this assignment I had to turn off my monitor, disconnect my mouse, and use only the keyboard and speakers to navigate my computer and the internet. I used the program Jaws that the blind and visually impaired use to navigate different programs on the computer and internet. It reads text as the user scrolls down the page. I found it difficult to even navigate top websites such as

Now, as a web designer, I have helped non-profits design user friendly websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also accessible to blind and visually impaired users. I hope to keep learning more about different techniques to make websites more accessible to all users.

Projects Examples: