Internships and Jobs

American Cancer Society

Austin, Texas | Cancer Information Specialist | 04.30.2007-12.28.2012

Supervisors Information:
Joy Nix, Team Supervisor (July 2007-March 2007)
Hillary Grice, Team Supervisor (March 2007-July 2010)
Gabriel Smith, Team Supervisor (July 2010-November 2011)
Sarah Nagy, Team Supervisor (November 2011-December 2012)

I was a Cancer Information Specialist for the American Cancer Society National Cancer Information Center. ACS is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I provided brief crisis intervention over the telephone to a range of patients and constituents across the United States. As a CIS I helped thousands of families and caregivers deal with the cancer diagnosis through education, helped patients who were newly diagnosed understand the medical information the doctor shared with them and helped families look for financial resources. I listened actively to constituent concerns and resolve caller needs immediately using online databases.

I have worked on many projects including a project to create the crest for ACS National Cancer Information Center. I have worked as a mentor training new Cancer Information Specialist. I worked as an ambassador to introduce possible new employees to the position. I have also had the opportunity to attended the ACS National All-Staff Briefing in Atlanta, GA in Dec 2007 for my contribute of the Crest Logo.

Project Examples: