Academic Achievement

Training Processes in Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogue is a course that allowed me to explore issues of social group identity, conflict, community, and social justice with other students. (continue)

Introduction to Web Design

In this course I learned how to design Web pages, starting with HTML coding and building to more complex layouts, using cascading style sheets and intricate graphic designs. But it wasn't just a course in coding and graphic design. We had to think critically about the important issue of the day: designing aesthetically intricate, usable, and accessible pages according to Web Standards. (continue)

Gays and Lesbians in American Society

The course provided a broad interdisciplinary knowledge-base on gay and lesbian issues in social work and integrated content on social policy and identity formation. In addition, the course demonstrated the application of this knowledge to core social work skills in both policy and direct practice interventions with the LGBT population. (continue)

Introduction to Cultural Studies

This course surveyed the dynamic terrains of contemporary culture. It examined personal idealism such as feelings and identities and how they are invented or shaped by popular culture, the culture industry, and institutions. Also, how public spaces are important to social and political life in the United States. (continue)

Judaism, Christianity, And Islam: An Introduction

This course allowed me to have an overview of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It gave me a brief background on all of their text, history, behaviors and beliefs. (continue)